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Field boundaries

Solorrow finds every field boundary

Solorrow detects your field boundaries automatically, you do not need to connect to another software. You want to add your field boundaries manually? No problem with Solorrow.

You cannot only add field boundaries for Germany. Find out here in which countries you can use Solorrow. New countries added regularly!

Field potential map

Every field is unique

Every farmer knows it: At one zone of the field every year a lot of plants grow perfectly but, in another area, it never works as well.

The growth potential is often not distributed evenly across the field but in many different zones. At zones with higher potential more biomass grows in comparison to zones with lower potential. Solorrow discovers those zones and creates an individual potential map for your field.

You cannot only create field potential maps in Germany. Find out here in which countries you can use Solorrow. New countries added regularly!

Prescription map

Field potential map becomes prescription map

To treat your field variable, you need a prescription map - with optimal dose rates for every field zone. This way, every field zone is supported optimally and can realise its full growth potential. In Solorrow, the application map is created with just a few clicks!

You decide if you want to add a manual dose rate for every field zone or want a suggestion by Solorrow based on the zone differences.

At this stage you can even choose between different strategies and goals: Do you want to put higher dose rates for zones with higher growth potential or do you want to distribute more fertilizer to zones with previously lower biomass? Do you want to increase your yield potential with stable input or save input with stabel yield?

All of this is possible with variable fertilization with Solorrow.


Apply via machine terminal

With Solorrow you can export your prescription map as ISOBUS- and Shape file and import it into your machine terminal. This way, your machine terminal knows where on your field how much input material should be distributed without needing any manual assistance in order to treat your field variable.

ISOBUS and Shape files can be created for spreader, sprayer and driller. Soon, it will also be possible for row seeder.

Besides ISOBUS and Shape file, you also receive a PDF-file with an overview of your prescription map which you can easily open on your computer and even print if needed.

Driving Mode

Apply via Solorrow Driving Mode

You do not own an ISOBUS- or Shape capable tractor? No problem for Solorrow!

With the mobile app you can turn your tablet computer into a terminal: Move to your field and start the innovative Solorrow driving mode. Using GPS localization, the app knows your location on your field and shows in which field zone you are currently driving. If you switch field zones, this is automatically detected, and the optimal dose rate gets adapted.

Using the driving mode, variable fertilization with your personal prescription map becomes even easier!