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Increase yield potential

Via variable field treatment you can get the most out of fields. How? With Solorrow you can now provide every field zone with the optimal fertilizer amount to increase the yield potential of your fields.


Optimize costs and input

Via individual and variable field treatment you can optimize costs and fertilizer input.


Documentation of field treatment

The documentation of field treatment with fertilizer and pesticides becomes increasingly important. With Solorrow you can always keep track of the processing of your fields.


Many happy customers

Over 4.500 happy user have already found their easy entrance into precision farming with Solorrow. And this is not all – through the feedback from the farming industry we can improve Solorrow continuously.

Organic farming Solorrow

Many advantages for organic farming

Learn more about your soil conditions with Solorrow: detect zones with different growth potential and if needed take zone-specific soil samples to find out the cause of the heterogeneity. Precisely apply organic fertilizer, soil additives and seeds.


Innovative Technology

Solorrow utilizes satellite images from the last 5 years to analyse where on your field grew how much biomass. By that, Solorrow can determine the field potential completely independent from crop type and the current growth phase of the plants.


Internationally available

With Solorrow you can not only anlayze your fields in Germany but in many more European countries. Find out via the link below in which countries Solorrow is available. More countries are added regularly.